New Hours

 The library will be extending their hours starting September 8th. 
 The new hours will be:
  Monday 10 - 5
  Tuesday 10 - 5
  Wednesday 10 - 7
   Thursday 10 - 5
  Friday 10 - 5
 Saturday 10 - 2
 1. To enter the building, you must wear a mask.
 2. There will only be a limited number of patrons in the building at one time.
 3. You will be asked to maintain social distancing at all times during your visit.
   The board is asking everyone who is showing any of the common symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell, to refrain from entering the building until they are feeling better.
   Curbside pickup is still available.
   The library appreciates everyone's patience during this time and hopes to see you soon!